Help! What size wall art should I choose? 

Help! What size wall art should I choose? 
It can be hard to know what size wooden wall art to pick. Picturing something from a website on the wall in your home can be difficult, so to help you decide, here’s a simple way to choose the right size wall decor in 3 easy steps.
We sometimes hear from our customers that, although they love the piece they’ve bought, they wish they’d bought a bigger size. We pride ourselves on our customer service so we do offer exchanges on non-bespoke pieces. So if you have found you’ve bought the wrong size, please get in touch with us at and we’ll do our very best to help. But we're sure you'd rather get it right first time!
Are there any guidelines on what size is best? Is large wall art best or is it best to have smaller pieces? We're not saying you have to stick rigidly to hard and fast 'rules'; if you're happy, we're happy. But we do like to know what the experts say.
Christine Bell, of Christine Bell Contemporary fine art, is really clear on this:
When picking art for any room BIGGER IS BETTER!... people tend to choose wall art that is much too small for the room!”
And, if we are in any doubt, she continues "to be on the safe side, GO BIG! This is especially true if buying modern, contemporary art, bigger is definitely better to maximize the statement”.
You can see in the image above we've shown the four sizes of our Geometric Elephant wall art together above a sofa. You can really see the difference in scale here. As you move up through the sizes the height and width increase proportionally so the overall size of the 60cm Elephant is much more than double the 30cm. So by going large you can definitely get more of a statement.
It's all very well to see pieces on somebody else's wall. But how will it look in your home?
We've got a really easy way you can get a good idea. We’ve shown the method with our best-selling geometric elephant, but you can use it for any of our items - it’s based on our standard sizes; 20cm, 30cm, 45cm and 60cm. If you prefer imperial measurements that’s 7.9”, 11.8”, 17.7” and 23.6”.
What will I need?
All you need are some sheets of A4 paper, and something to hold them onto your wall. We’ve used some rolled up masking tape; it’s easy to remove and will hold the paper up for a few minutes without marking the wall.
Each of our Wall Art sizes corresponds roughly to one or more pieces of A4 paper.
20cm/ 7.9" high = A5 sheet or ½ A4 sheet portrait orientation (21cm/ 8.3")
30cm/ 11.8" high = A4 sheet portrait orientation (29.7cm/ 11.7")
45cm/ 17.7" high = A2 sheet portrait orientation,or 2 landscape A4 sheets (42cm/ 16.5")
60cm/ 23.6" high = A1 sheet portrait orientation, or 4 portrait A4 sheets (59.4cm/ 23.4")
What do I need to do?
1. Find some A4 paper - it can be new, or a few sheets from your recycling. Fold the paper (for the smallest size) or tape sheets together (for the largest two sizes) so you have an overall sheet which is roughly the size of the piece you’re thinking of buying.
2. Using some tape, fix the paper to the wall in your chosen spot on your wall. This will show roughly the height of the item you're considering. If you’re looking at a trio or a number of pieces, fix them all together to see the overall effect.
3. Step back, and take a look from a few different angles and viewpoints. Often a size that looked fine on a table looks different on the wall, so you may need to try a couple of sizes before you’re happy.
And that’s it. When you’ve made up your mind, you can order at and we'll get your product made, finished and packed as quickly as we can. We aim to dispatch items in 1-3 working days, so it shouldn't be long before you’re hanging the real thing on your wall.
There’s another blog post about how to hang your item, so do take a look at that too.
Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, you can email us at

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