Not sure what font style would work best for your name?
Simply type the name or word of your choosing into the box below to see how it looks in each of our popular font options.
If you would like to know the dimensions of a name in a certain font at a particular size - please email us with the details and we can show you a mock design with dimensions included.


  • Some of our fonts have other options available for certain letters - e.g. the capital A, F and T in the Earth font. If you'd like to see how a name looks with an alternative letter selection, please send us an email. 
  • If you are interested in the Vintage font - this is an all capital font option, and so you need to type the name you would like to preview as all uppercase/capital letters. e.g. ARTHUR. This font will otherwise show incorrectly in the preview. If any doubts - just pop us a message and we'll be happy to help!