12 reasons to choose Bear and Rose

12 reasons to choose Bear and Rose

We’re not the only ones who make laser cut home decor from wood. But we do like to think we are the best. That’s for a number of reasons, and they really do make a difference to the end result. We’re really proud of our products and service and we want you to be happy, so if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please do feel free to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!


1 - Our designs

Our team of Yorkshire-based designers lovingly create many of our designs from scratch, so you'll get a unique product not available anywhere else.


2 - FSC accredited materials

Our materials are FSC accredited, sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests. It’s really important to us to be as sustainable as we can, and although we’re not perfect, we are trying.


3 - Wood veneer not MDF

We only use the best quality veneered materials. Other makers may be able to turn out cheaper products, however we do find that they mostly use MDF rather than a veneer. The MDF tends to scorch around the edges and does not produce as good a finish on the completed product. That's why we only use veneer.

4 - Premium veneer

A more substantial layer of veneer means we can create sharper engraving, giving better contrast and a better overall finish. Our veneer is better than any other we’ve been able to source, and our supplier is a closely-guarded secret. So don’t even ask :)

5 - No scorch marks

We don’t just bung the wood on a machine, we quality check each and every sheet of timber before it gets anywhere near the cutting stage. There's more we do to ensure our pieces arrive with you in perfect condition, with no surface scorching, but we can’t say any more than that (another trade secret!). However what we can say is it's taken us years to perfect and it really does give the best finish, so we think it’s worth it.

And just in case you're wondering, the image above is edited - we've removed the background - but we've not altered the products themselves at all.


 Illustration of the finish from Bear and Rose

6 - The precision of our cutting

We could buy cheaper machines, and we’ve tried them, but we found the cut wasn’t as good. We also set up our machines in a specific ‘Bear and Rose’ way, which gives a smoother cut. You can see the difference in the photo above - the stag on the left is cut with an inferior machine, so the steps in the cuts are far more noticeable than the Bear and Rose stag on right.



7 - Hand finishing

When the products have been cut, we then finish every item by hand in a five step process. They then pass through quality control. Only then is your chosen piece ready for dispatch.



8 - Packaging

We like to think our packaging is second to none. We carefully pack with signature black tissue, card and biodegradable bubbles to ensure your purchase reaches you in the same condition we sent it. Every order contains a special seasonal token, and we change the designs regularly. We love popping these in the packages, and customers tell us they love to receive them too and love sharing pictures of them - like this one above from Eden's parents. We use recyclable packaging, our only plastic is tape and we’re working on that! For large Geometric designs we use a laser cut card surround in the box which stops it from moving and helps prevent breakages, which is particularly important when we ship worldwide (although we give all orders the same treatment!).



9 - Gift packaging option

We also offer gift packaging if you’re buying as a present. This takes our already lovely wrap to the next level! Choose the gift wrap option when you buy and as well as tissue wrap, metallic sticker and seasonal token, we’ll include your gift message on lovely kraft card. If you don’t leave a message we’ll print ‘With love x’ but it’s best if you let us know what to put. Finally, we wrap up the box with twine, and wrap that in brown paper. All the postage labels are then stuck to the brown paper and not the box, so you can give as a gift, or send directly to your recipient. You can read more about our gift wrap in another blog soon, along with loads of ideas on how you can add your own special touch to the Bear and Rose packaging.




10 - Wall mounting materials

We supply an envelope in every wall mounted item, containing strong 3M double sided tape, and tacks if relevant. You can find full instructions here on how to use them. Our number one tip is the red backing does come off eventually - honest!



11 - Supplied mounting templates

For wall mounted decor items with multiple pieces or letters, they will come with a paper template you can use to space the items on your wall as per the original design. If you’re ordering a bespoke name with multiple letters you can also order a template for that too - for a small charge - or it is possible to make your own template too. Full information is available here.



12 - Our customer service

We’ve got over 1400 five-star reviews online and we’re over the moon with that. But we’re always looking to improve, so we do listen to customer feedback and make changes to make things easier or better. If you do have any questions please get in touch with us, either through the website you ordered from, email us on info@bearandrose.co.uk, or you can message us on Instagram or Facebook. Please bear in mind that we’re UK based, so we will tend to respond during the day on UK time, and we’re a family business with small children, so if we can’t respond immediately we'll try our best.


That’s all the trumpet blowing done! Do you love Bear and Rose products? What makes the difference for you? We’d love to hear from you at info@bearandrose.co.uk or @bearandrose on instagram.

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