Let's get personal!

Let's get personal!

Right now our dearest can't be our nearest. And for a lot of us money's too tight to mention. It's no wonder we're looking for ideas to show we care, but don't cost a fortune. Some good news is our range of personalised products could fit the bill! Whether it's a stocking filler, gift tag, place name or something for the children in your family, we've got a gorgeous selection. So grab a cuppa, and your list, and get ready to tick off at least a couple.


First things first. Brand new this month are our pet baubles! Why should such an important member of the family miss out? And there are only so many packets of Dreamies you can buy a cat as a gift, aren't there? Some of our customers are buying these in order to remember a loved family pet, which is just so sweet, and we're honoured that we can help make that happen. Our full range of 70 dog breeds12 cats, horses, rabbits and guinea pigs are available now. Because who doesn't want a potato-shaped pet bauble on the tree (sorry guinea pigs!).


Personalised family train set

Next, here's our family train set. It looks amazing on a sideboard, shelf or mantlepiece.  Or how about snaking your train round the base of your tree? You can dress it with your own twinkly lights for all the festive feels. You can add to it as your family grows, and even include pets, grandparents, cousins and more! The Family Train is set to become one of the highlights of your Christmas decor year after year. 


Christmas eve engraved box topper

Have you got a Christmas Eve Box for your family? The elves always drop off some new PJs for our children. Add on some sweets, a craft set and a book and it's getting expensive. So rather than a whole box, we've got a cheaper - and just as nice - option. Add our box topper to any box, whether it's cardboard, a woven hamper, or a lovely rustic crate like this one, and you have Christmas Eve box ready to go. 


Engraved reindeer place names

This year's unlike any we've had before, and there is nothing certain about it! One this that's guaranteed though is we will want to make Christmas Day as special as it can be. One lovely touch is to set the table with our personalised place names - the Reindeer here is one option - to let everyone know where their seat is. Even if that's just the four of you! We have nine more place names to choose from, check out our blog here. 


These days a lot of houses don't have chimneys - cue a lot of stressed tinies wondering how Father Christmas is going to be able to delivery their parcel! Enter Santa's Magic Key. Or, rather, enter Santa with this Magic Key. This key means he can get through front doors when no chimney is available, but it only works on Christmas Eve for Santa, so does not present a security risk. There is such a lot of detail in this exclusive design, along with a pearlised star and a personalised tag for your family.


Finley believes

We know that Finley believes and we don't need any convincing! This hanging disk (available in 12cm size option and above) can hang from a door handle, peg rail or hook, and we have a standing version that sits nicely on a shelf or mantlepiece. Fully customisable with a child's name - or adult if you prefer - we can even fit siblings on this version.


With seven different fonts to choose from you're bound to find one that suits! With cursive fonts, a traditional typewritten typeface and Comet, a very millennial capital option, we love our wall names and our customers do too. Perfect for that hard to buy for teen or a baby who can't yet play!  We can do any name, any language, including accents, including an acute, grave, umlauts, circumflex - and we can even mock up your name before we make it, to ensure you're completely happy.


Wild trees bauble

Oh, with those lights how festive is this Wild Trees bauble? We can personalise this with a family name, as shown here, or a single name, or a house name. Even a nickname. Now you don't find that in a garden centre do you?


It's not just children and pets who deserve their own bauble! What about all those lovely Grandparents? The ones who stand in the rain outside school, help with reading homework, walk for hours with a pram while you sleep, supervise home school from the garden because of lockdown. Or for just being there while you talk at them and relieve some stress. They're the best! To say thanks, you can have a special message on their own oak veneer bauble that will remind them every year how much they are loved. 


This option can also be personalised to read 'our first Christmas as Mr & Mrs', as a lovely gift for any newleyweds in your life. 


This gorgeous personalised option isn't just for Christmas, our walking bears  can be used all year round. Available in Oak and Walnut finishes, these can be personalised with any name - Mama and Papa are particular favourites, but Mummy, Daddy and childrens' names are also lovely. These are made from chunky 9mm wood, so they stand sturdily on a windowsill, mantlepiece or shelf. They also make a great gift for a new Mama or Papa. 


We've got lots more ideas on our website, so please do have a browse.

And we hope you and your family have a wonderful festive season.

Sarah x


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