Ten tips for top tables

Ten tips for top tables

Ready, set - GO!

Even in this strange old year that we're having, with its constant change, a special dinner is always something to look forward to. Whether it's a cosy setup for a couple, a Sunday roast with all the trimmings, Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, or just friends round for a curry (when we're allowed to again of course), setting a beautiful table is all part of the fun. And when the last plate is cleared, guests can take away a lovely keepsake of their evening. 

For an extra special touch try one of our personalised place names. We've got ten ideas for you in this blog, but we'd love to see your own tables set with reindeer, nutcracker or pumpkin place names - you can message us with your photos at info@bearandrose.co.uk any time.

We can also produce larger orders for weddings or corporate events in the future, and have a range of table numbers to match some place names too.  If you'd like more information please do get in touch.  Some of our engaged couple customer are sending personalised place name favours to those who can't attend their wedding, which is such a thoughtful touch. 

1 | Reindeers rule!

Our best selling reindeer are back new and improved for 2020! Now featuring a base so they stand majestically on a plate or table, and with an updated typeface this year. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!



2 | Smashing pumpkins

Can you just picture these pumpkins at a Thanksgiving dinner? They give a beautifully Autumnal feel to any table, not just at Thanksgiving. Although they will look wonderfully at home with some pumpkin pie. The beauty of the oak grain really shows through in this hand drawn exclusive design.


3 | As featured in Ideal Home Magazine! 

Imagine our delight to have our engraved oak snowflake place names featured in Ideal Home's Complete Guide to Christmas this year? We're so proud to see them, and love the way they've been styled - you can either lie them on a plate, or pop them on the rim of a glass.

4 | You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!

You'd better get your skates on because our gingerbread place names are selling like hot cakes right now. Hand drawn by our designers, then hand finished in our Yorkshire workshop, this design is completely exclusive to Bear and Rose.

5 | Labelled with love

This exclusive design would be lovely as a combined favour and place name for a wedding or large gathering (when they are allowed once more). After the event, your guests can take them home and use them to label, well, anything! They would look particularly nice on a door handle or coat hook. These would also make a lovely personalised gift tag. 


6 | Beary nice 

Our standing bear makes a lovely place name, and afterwards is lovely on a shelf or windowsill in a bedroom. Available in chunky 9mm Oak or Walnut veneer, a whole family of bears are available.


7 | Nuts about nutcrackers

New for this year this festive favourite makes an appearance as a place name. A hanging version can also be used as a place name, or gift tag, or personalised bauble. 



8 | Spring has sprung

Wren's birthday party was a pretty dreamy affair this year. What a beautiful setup for a spring or Easter event. 

9 | Bear with us

Well, we are Bear and Rose, so you'll forgive us for having more than one bear! And this pair really are lovely. They're available in oak or this walnut finish - both are equally lovely. These would also make a great party bag filler for a pack of children!


10 | A is for Adaptable

How beautiful is this setting? Bringing a contemporary feel to a traditional design, this incredible set up from @come_see_fernlea on Instagram is table goals. Set a table with family heirloom china, and search out coordinating blooms like these beautiful blowsy blue hydrangea heads.  These are our toy storage tags, ordered as a single capital letter. If you'd like to order these, just leave us a note on your order to ask to add a hole as in this example.  


We'd love to see your tables set with your place names - you can message us with your photos at info@bearandrose.co.uk any time, we'd love to see them!


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